10 INDUSTRY voices share their insiGHTS at ces

Tucked inconspicuously among the roll-up televisions, talking drones and VR sunglasses featured at this year’s Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, was a trove of new products displaying some of the show’s most innovative (and promising) technological developments—the twist? Many of these impressive, forward-thinking products happened to be situated in the health and wellness category. Inspired by the surge of healthcare innovations introduced at CES, WPP Health Practice, in partnership with WPP’s Stream, presents Proxima: CES, a curated a collection of razor-sharp insights from industry experts across the health and wellness space. With perspectives ranging from Kantar to Group M to Walmart and more, Proxima delivers the next big things in healthcare and wellness, CES edition. Creative transformation begins with creative insights. We hope you find our insights a catalyst. Enjoy!