Driven by the impossible

Today, our clients are operating in an exciting new era of health. One that demands a higher level of strategic partnership, an expanded range of modern services and capabilities, a broader definition of “health” — and the vision, tenacity, and passion to grasp the tremendous opportunities it presents.

That’s why we exist – to help our clients create the future of health.

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Every day, we challenge the limits of what we can and can’t do. It’s part of our nature, and it’s vital to our ongoing innovation in health and wellness. We stare impossible challenges in the face and choose to “square the circle,” fight another fight, or find a better way. WPP’s Health Practice is at the forefront of this charge, and we’re just getting started.

We are leading an evolution in health marketing and communications. One focused on patient-centric, personalized experiences, and rooted in science, creativity, innovation, and data. Through iconic agency brands like Ogilvy, VMLY&R, Wunderman Health, Grey, and JWT, we provide the world’s leading, fully integrated health marketing communications solutions.

WPP’s Health Practice exists to focus and mobilize WPP’s vast resources for the benefit of our clients. We do this in areas including advertising, media investment management, market access, data and insights, technology, healthcare specialty services, digital and CRM, marketing innovation, public relations/public affairs and other specialized areas.

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We're About


WPP’s creativity propels the world’s greatest brands. In fact, WPP has been named the most effective marketing communications group for seven years running. In an industry of convergent thinking about the “right way” to communicate about health, diseases, and treatments, we celebrate divergent and uninhibited thinking. We fuse boundless creativity with industry leading data and insights. We relish the hunt for big ideas. Life-changing ideas that improve the health of humanity, and help our clients create the future of health.

Data &

Data and technology are at the center of everything we do. They fuel our processes to turn complex data into actionable insights that propel creative innovation for our clients. No one in the industry has invested as deeply in data and technology as WPP. WPP's Health Practice reaches an unrivaled 3 billion consumers and 1.3 million healthcare professionals, and delivers the expertise to identify meaningful human insights that drive better health outcomes and competitive advantage for our clients.


We never forget our purpose: helping millions of people make critical health and wellness choices that can improve the quality of their lives. We believe that better marketing means better awareness, better behavior, better treatment, and ultimately greater health and well-being. We are relentless in our quest to deliver powerful and effective work for our clients.

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Read the latest health-focused thoughts and insights from WPP’s leading thinkers across all communications disciplines.


A thought-provoking look into the energies that will influence how we market health and wellness in the next 3 – 5 years.

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Global Head, WPP Health Practice

A dynamic and entrepreneurial leader, Mike promotes intelligent innovation within health marketing. He has deep expertise in health and in global client leadership and global marketing. As Global Head of WPP's Health Practice, Mike's primary focus is to advance the partnership and value for our clients. He leads the mobilization of WPP’s capability areas of our business including advertising, media investment management, data & insights, technology, healthcare specialty services, digital and CRM, marketing innovation, public relations/public affairs, and other specialized areas.


International Head, WPP Health Practice

Claire passionately believes that communications play a key role in solving some of the world’s biggest health challenges. But she also believes that the factors that influence human behavior do not exist in isolation – because healthcare is an interconnected system. That’s why, as International Head of WPP’s Health Practice, Claire is leading a business transformation program characterized by the operational integration of its core specialisms; advertising, medical education, and market access. Leveraging the talent, expertise and innovation within the Group, Claire’s vision is to differentiate WPP's Health Practice through the delivery of integrated communications strategies that can drive health-enhancing behaviors. Claire brings an entrepreneurial vision and personality to WPP’s Health Practice, and underpins it with systematic processes and methodology to help grow and sustain the business through the changing paradigms of healthcare communication.

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